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  • What is Lettuce Tea?

    What is Lettuce Tea?

    Lettuce Teas are fortified with organic lettuce vegetable juice base nutrients, which enable the product to refresh, reinvigorate, re-hydrate, purify and support the human body which makes it a perfect drink for sports enthusiasts and health conscious individuals.

  • Vitaminated


    All-natural, ready-to-drink Lettuce Tea is the only vitaminated tea naturally enriched with a cruciferous vegetable juice. Lettuce Tea is a refreshing beverage that promotes superior health and wellness.

  • 4 Flavors

    4 Flavors

    Lettuce Tea is available in invigorating tropical fruit flavors including Mango, Pomegranate Passion Fruit, Strawberry, and Exotic Apricot.

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Case of (12) Includes (3) 16 fl oz Bottles of Each Flavor