Targeting Your Customers

As Seen On TV Productions uses proven methods of distribution to bring your product to the marketplace.

Your Media Plan

You’ll start by providing our Media Team with important demographic information about your customers. Our media buyers create the plan with you. You approve the markets and the schedule. We execute the buys, receive the orders, handle the fulfillment and provide customer service.

A standard media plan divides the number of commercials by the number of markets and allows us to test an equal number of spots per market. By analyzing this data, we can precisely monitor the success from market to market and maximizes the effectiveness of the campaign.

Television Distribution

Your commercials will air only on the network affiliates you chose, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and major cable networks like ESPN, Discovery Channel, Lifetime, and HGTV. Prior to airing your commercial, you’ll have the opportunity to approve the markets and the media schedule.