Product Concept

Does Your Product Have What It Takes?

Direct response marketing offers vendors unparalleled visibility and sales potential for their product. With the right balance of exposure every product, at every price point, has the ability to flourish into a successful Direct Response Campaign.

Direct Response refers to an industry term that is used to describe any type of short or long-term commercial advertising that includes a call-to-action. The promotion is designed specifically to motivate the viewer to “act” on the offer appearing on the television or other medium.

So, does your product have what it takes?

Do you have a product that demonstrates well?
Does your product appeal to a broad audience base?
Does your product have unique features and benefits?
Does it solve a common problem or make life easier?
Is your product topical or timely?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your product just might have what it takes for Direct Response success!

Additionally, exclusive product launches and unique product offerings are always of interest to As Seen On TV Productions.

So What’s Next?

To have your product evaluated for possible airing with ASOTV, you must submit a working sample of your product.

Send the product to:

As Seen On TV Productions
5301 North Federal Highway
Suite 100
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Upon receipt, the appropriate category buyer will review your product and call you directly with feed back and the next steps. We do apologize, but due to the high volume of samples received we will not be able to return samples submitted for evaluation.

Keep In Mind

A key component to the ASOTV campaign involves the fulfillment of all orders. In order to start the project, ASOTV will place an initial purchase order to take stock of your product and begin the fulfillment process.  Purchase orders are negotiated with your ASOTV buyer.